Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I took some pictures this weekend. First of all, here is our church during service. We had 27 in attendance this week.

And some new photos of each of us. Notice the big green spot on Ethan's forehead? He ran into the support at AWANA. He said he didn't cry because he didn't want anyone to know that he had blinked while running and hit the post.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have been here in Nenana a little over three months and are as excited about it today as the first day. We hope there is as much to be thankful for in your house as there is in ours. My parents are here to spend the holiday with us, and we always enjoy their visits. We celebrated Thanksgiving with a potluck for our church family and a community dinner at the school today.

Nenana Community Church is growing in size and in commitment. Offering in October was $1700 more than offering in August. This is great for the church budget! Our membership elected another elder to fulfill the church constitution. There is a great amount of participation in activities by our church family. AWANA is fully staffed; Ladies Bible Study has had a solid turnout of seven plus a few more here and there. There are many church attendees that are involved in the school, and a few are involved with the radio station, KIAM. Bill is continuing to attend the Pastoral Prayer Meeting with the other clergy of Nenana. We are getting better connected to the happenings of our town every day.

Bill had quite a pastoral experience in October. A friend and fellow supporter Scott, and his wife, Anna, delivered a healthy baby, Silas, but within minutes his health deteriorated and he needed to be rushed to Anchorage NICU. Scott called to tell Bill this news as they were riding in the ambulance. Bill knew he must go to them in Anchorage. Thankfully, we had the means for him to get on a plane and be there in less than four hours. Scott was so thankful that Bill arrived to help them through this difficult time. Bill was by their side for four days. Baby Silas is continuing to have problems with eating, but is looking forward to being home for Christmas.

We covet your continued prayers for our personal needs and the concerns of our church:

  1. Nenana Community Church will be working on a Child Abuse Protection Policy that is required by Village Missions.
  2. The church elders to establish their relationship with each other and their wives.
  3. Future elder retreats for further education

We also have praise reports:

  1. Our friend Mark had a positive answer to a personal prayer request.
  2. Our children are doing well in school and are involved in activities.
  3. Baby Silas is very close to going home to stay.
  4. We are so thankful for our home, families, friends and supporters.
We carved a Jack-o-lantern. What a fun evening!

The results of our efforts!

And here is our new little dog, Maggie. She is such a sweetie!