Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It is cold here today!  And it has been about 30 below F since Saturday!  And it is not going to warm up anytime soon.  So what do you do at -40F?  Stay inside where it is 70 above!  And start the car every few hours!  We do have a lunch to go to at two, we won't turn the car off as there is no place to plug in to keep the engine warm.  And the interior gets so cold too.  There is another potluck to go to tonight at 8 p.m. and then some dogs to check on, and then fireworks at midnight. 
About cold, really cold. 

From 0 to -20 F is not bad.  Very liveable weather.  The car needs to warm up about 10 minutes, coats and gloves and hats are needed when going about town.

-20 to -40F is okay.  Snowpants and coveralls are the normal dress.  
The car needs about 20 minutes to function, but it doesn't act warm until about 10 minutes of driving.  The interior doesn't get warm, even with the heat on high.  If the defrost is lowered or changed to heat the interior, the windshield immediately frosts.  The other windows are all frosted all the time.  Moving about town is limited.

-40 to -60F is just about awful.  The car is so cold, it doesn't warm up.  If you have to drive somewhere, the car has square tires that take a mile or so to round out.  If you get the car started, you must plug it in where ever you go or leave it running.  Snow pants, coveralls, face masks, gloves, long underwear, sweaters and layers are all required attire.  Town travel is just not worth it and road travel is just what is really necessary.  Any travel requires blankets, and all emergency gear in the car.

-60F and colder.  What is so necessary to do in this weather?  Most people stay home.  School is cancelled at 55 below.  Work is optional; so many cars won't start, it is expected people won't come in.  Travel is emergency only.  You won't get warm in the car, so full winter attire, blankets and hand warmers are necessary.  

We went to Fairbanks yesterday for a dentist appointment and groceries, driving about town the signs said -38F.  So many cars are left running, the air quality is awful.  Added to wood smoke, you just about can't breathe.  Everything is kept at ground level, the pollution doesn't lift due to the cold.  Wow, it was really cold.  We left the car running while visiting with some friends in McDonalds for an hour, we had the groceries in the car and didn't want them to freeze.  Winter is hard on the gas budget, so thank God that we are now paying $2.45 a gallon, not the $4.63 we were paying.  

The sun is finally peeking above the trees, it is 11:30 a.m. and it will be dark by 4.  I mean DARK.  There is no warmth to the sun, just brightness, and not much of that. I just took this photo out the front window.  The sun won't get any higher.

Monday, December 22, 2008

We have been busy these last few weeks with Christmas activities.  Bill was asked to play Santa for the Seniors Christmas Bazaar, and he had a great time!

Bill was asked to be the Narrator for the Nativity Program and Ethan was a shepard and Aerin was an angel.

We arranged a caroling session last night.  I was shocked when 40 people showed up to go caroling!  We sang to about 12 houses and then stopped for cookies and hot chocolate.  It was about -10 F.  Everyone said it was a great time and next year we should do it again!

Tonight is a Christmas party, tomorrow night is a Christmas party, and Wednesday is a Christmas party at our house.  Whew!