Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So what does living 10 miles from a 200,000 acre wildfire look like? I took some photos of the big smoke clouds on Sunday and Tuesday. Some days the smoke blows over us and we can't see very much at all. We have had some ash fall, but not really very much. There are helicopters flying over all day long, delivering supplies and water to the firefighters. The fire is mostly being allowed to burn, and is not being put out. There are some places where the fire will not be allowed to go, and those small areas will be fought for.

The previous photos have been the fire west of Nenana. The following photo is of a fire east of Nenana.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

We got to go on a short Alaska roadtrip and visit our supporters, and have some fun. These are some photos from July 2009.

Near Eureka, Alaska

Grizzley Lake, Mile 53 Tok Cutoff

Worthington Glacier near Valdez

Worthington Glacier near Valdez

Worthington Glacier near Valdez

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We had some overnight visitors last week and they said some nice things about us. Check out their adventure and what they said about us!


Read journal entry for June 30th!
***Notice the smoke! There is a fire west of Nenana and we are getting alot of smoke and flying ash and ashy rain. It is very rough on those with breathing problems. It is getting worse every day.***

Bill was asked to preach a short sermon after a session of native drumming that has held after the local 4th of July activities.

As a token of appreciation from the native Christian community, Bill and Rebecca were presented with gifts. Bill received a spotted owl feather and Rebecca was given a kusbuk.

This is Ida, a native pastor, singing praise songs to native drumming.

The photos that Rebecca sent in to the Fairbanks paper were printed on Father's Day! There is Bill in the photo on the left and Aerin on the right.

Please pray that our car gets fixed. We are having a problem getting the parts to Fairbanks in order to have the CV joints fixed under warranty. We are wanting to travel this week and the car was supposed to be fixed last week. Also, Bill got a notice for jury duty. He is supposed to call in on Tuesday. This is the third time we have wanted to take a week away, and the third jury notice that he has received in the same week. We feel doomed. Please pray that we get some time away and time to rest.

***The car got fixed and we got to take some vacation time! Yea!***