Friday, June 12, 2009

Bill was asked to preach the sermon for the Tanana River Blessing on June 7. This is an annual event held during River Daze, the first weekend of June.

There were about 50 people in attendance.

After the River Daze parade, a group always gathers to say a prayer for Nenana. This is Rita on the left and Sue on the right.

We like to spend time on the river bank. The kids play in the muddy silt (it washes off, really!) The river is so silty, you can see your feet when you are only in up to your ankles.

Look what Rebecca did today! She put up a rope swing which included borrowing and CLIMBING a ladder! The kiddos are thrilled!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We have had a chance to rest so far in June. Bill and I celebrated our 15th anniversary on June 6th, and celebrated in part by going to Jester's, a local bar, for soda and to listen to a friend play live music.

We had a freecycle tonight, an everything is free yard sale, and there were about 30 in attendance. We grilled hot dogs, salmon and burgers. We had some great fellowship and made some new friends too. Today was Nenana River Daze, with a parade and everything.

The church is seeing some new attendees. We are now up to an average of about 35 on Sunday mornings and 20 or so on Sunday nights. This is really wonderful, but we are outgrowing our space. We would really like to build our own building here in Nenana, but we are short in the finance department. God knows our need and he will fill it in his time.

I am looking for someone to quilt some tops for me as a charity project. If there is anyone you know who can help me, please drop me an email.

This is Aerin, the tied for first place winner of the Nenana River Daze pie eating contest!