Friday, January 25, 2008

We bought a new to us car on Dec. 21. It is a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe, a small SUV. We are so very happy with it and feel so secure when we are in it. I didn't realize how intrepidatious the van made me feel.

On the third Saturday of each month volunteers from Nenana Community Church help deliver food to the Elders and low income families. January was our month. The delivery takes about two hours, and involves taking the boxes from the van to the door. In the senior center, they have a couple carts so we don't have to carry all the boxes.

Every three months the Native Council, Railbelt Mental Health Center and the City of Nenana sponsor a community meeting. We attended the meeting last night and there was a great turn out. There were about 150 people there, native and white. We got to meet the chief, Mitch Demitrioff, and had a great time talking with everyone. There were reports about the native clinic, the school, the city water plant, a new day care, a few new streetlights, and resurfacing the existing streets.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A New Website

Greetings Friends & Family!

As you know, this blogger site serves as a means to keep our updates online for all of our supporters. We are thankful for you and your partnership as we serve our Lord in Nenana. We enjoy praying for each of you. Please send us a note or give us a call if we can pray for a specific need.

Rebecca has a blogger site as well. There is a link in the side bar to her quilting blog. While you might consider me biased, she is extremely talented and I enjoy her enjoyment of quilting.

Now I am pleased to introduce a new ministry website. The site will be my regular means of communicating our daily and weekly ministry. The site has a blog on it that i will contribute to regularly. There is a page with slideshows of pictures of our family, our town, our church, etc. My sermon calendar is on one page along with descriptions of Nenana Community Church's various ministries. There is also a page of online resources that I use for sermon preparation and personal Bible study. I hope you find those links as useful as I have.

The site is still under construction, so more pages will be added and a few things might be moved around. Within the next few weeks, I hope to have the site in a standard format for your use.

I will add a link to the site on the side bar but let me also include it here:

I hope the New year is finding you well. If we can be of any service, or pray for you in any way, please let us know.