Sunday, August 23, 2009

August Update

Wow! Time for an update!

Thank the Lord that the rains came and put out the fire! It started raining August 6th, and it has been pretty wet since then. The fire crews have now left the area after waiting to see if the rains really put out the fire. School has been delayed until September 8 and the kids are kind of bummed as they were looking forward to seeing their friends again.

Bill got to go out to the drill rig, he won a place on the tour in a drawing. They are drilling for natural gas four miles away from Nenana. The first drill site found no gas, but they are going to drill at other sites. Click here to read more about it.
And this was a great year for berry picking! This photo shows over two pounds of raspberries that Aerin and I picked in about an hour. The blueberries were great too. The four of us picked five pounds of blueberries in about 75 minutes. I made blueberry sauce, blueberry syrup and raspberry sauce. Yummy!
The kids learned a new skill this summer!
It was hard to get a picture before the houses fell down/got knocked down!

We went to the Tanana Valley Fair twice, once to go and once because I had to work and Bill and the kids wanted to see more stuff. I worked the booth for CyberLynx, a homeschool program, giving out helium balloons.

The kiddos had to try out the climbing wall, and Ethan made it to the top! Both kids vowed to do it again next year.

Aerin joined soccer this fall. She will have to be in high school to play in the official games, but she can join in the practice and scrimmages. She is in the middle of the photo, in a white shirt, between two players in yellow, looking like she is going to kick the ball, which she did.
This tree is right off the front corner of our porch. Can you see the yellow leaves? Fall is definitely here! It was 36 degrees yesterday when I took Maggie out at 7 a.m. The afternoons are still warmish, but there has been frost a few mornings.
We had a very busy week this last week. Monday was calm and normal, Tuesday was Wellness in Nenana meeting for lunch then a funeral and potlatch. Wednesday was Bill's birthday and we had guests over for salmon, moose, and bison BBQ. Thursday I worked all day at Cyberlynx and then Bill and I had to go to Fairbanks for dinner with the Norwood's (VM staff), Friday I had lunch with a friend, and an invitation for a ham dinner. Aerin had a soccer match. Saturday was going to be spent at home, but Ethan's bike was stolen. I spent an hour in the car, and Bill three hours on his bike, and he found Ethan's bike down by the river. It is still in good shape. Then on short notice there was a potluck and concert at the tribal hall. Sunday (today) is Aerin's birthday (more cake)! Eating special meals (birthdays and away from home) six days out of seven is not conducive to losing weight! Hopefully this week is calmer and not so crazy. Well, Bill is called up for jury duty tomorrow in Fairbanks (I hope he doesn't have to serve, it's a murder trial).

We have some friends visiting from Iowa in the beginning of September and then Bill's dad will be visiting the first week of October.